Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“Old Friends Make Life’s Voyage a Pleasure Cruise”

Eric Zorn

 If you ever wondered why friends are so important to us - men and women alike - just read Eric Zorn’s column in today’s Chicago Tribune.
It points out what I’ve tried to explain in this blog: our grief when they die is unlike other types of grief.
When you read his column, you think, “Well, of course, they would mourn for each other”. And I’m sure they will.
But that kind of experience - friend grief - is often dismissed as unimportant, lacking in comparison to grieving a family member.
But love is love, and when someone we love dies, we mourn them. Our hearts don’t care about titles or legal relationships. All we know is that the world is a sadder place because that friend is gone.
So, in full support of the trip Eric took with his buddies, I ask you to think about friends you haven’t seen for a while. Think about friends to whom you say, “We should get together more often”.
And then get off your butt and do something about that, before you get any closer to port.


kathleen pooler said...

Wow, what a powerful reminder of "how close to the port we are getting." It seems I can never be reminded enough of the importance of taking the time while I can to share my space with those I hold dear. Thanks for sharing Eric Zorn's article with us and for consistently promoting the messages we all need to hear,while we can still hear them :-)

Kristie West said...

I love that you encourage people to take the time with their friends now Viki - so important!

So true about friend grief being seen as less than family. Though your family (like them or not) are your doesn't mean they are always the only or even the most important thing in your life.
My family mean the world to me....but I have lived away a long long time and since I was a teenager my friends have always been a much higher value. I don't feel guilty to admit that he most important person in my life is my best friend.


Friend Grief said...

Ladies, thanks for your comments! On Monday, I sent letters to two friends from college - one my roommate - who I haven't seen since the 70's. Today I heard from them both, and we're all meeting for lunch next Friday in New York. So, I'm a good example of that "what are you waiting for???" thing. I'm looking forward to it. And yes, Kristie, for those of us away from our families, friends are the best.

kathleen pooler said...

Have a wonderful trip to the City,Viki. Now it has been made even sweeter by your meetup with friends. I only wish I could join you this time. I will keep your advice in mind and be open to future opportunities! Enjoy :-)