Following are articles I've written - print and online.
Not necessarily grief-related:

My guest post on Sonia Marsh's "Gutsy Story"
My review of Dallas Buyers Club led to my first Huffington Post blog, on being straight in the AIDS community.

My page on, where I review books that strike my fancy.

My guest post on Madeline Sharples' "Choices"

My guest post on Susan Weidener's Women's Writing Circle

"What I learned by self-publishing": my interview on

"What's a Niche Market and Where Are They Hiding?" My guest post on The Writers Guide to ePublishing.

"Finding a Following for Your Blog" I was asked to write a piece for the Philadelphia Writing Examiner on how I created an audience for my blog.

"Finding Hope in the Midst of Grief" My guest post on Kathy Pooler's Memoir Writer's Journey blog is about my friend, Delle Chatman, who inspired me to write my book.

"Forming Community" This article appeared in Chicago's Windy City Times in April, 2011. The publisher, Tracy Baim, invited me to share my experiences as a straight woman working in the AIDS community in the late 80's/early 90's.

"Five Easy Steps - How to Survive a Mixed Marriage During Baseball Season" And as a complete and total change of pace, from the August 18, 2011 issue of the Chicago Tribune is my advice on living with a spouse who loves a rival baseball team.