Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Request about Friend Grief

As you probably know, I’m writing a book about people’s experiences grieving the death of a friend. ‘It’s Not Like They’re Family’: Mourning Our Friends and Celebrating Their Lives is a look at the phenomenon of friend grief: the lack of respect for that kind of grief, and how it’s often a catalyst for major life changes.
I’m looking for stories for several chapters in the book:
Workplace grief: when the friend who died is a co-worker.
Community: when the friend who died is a member of a community (religious orders and first responders in particular).
People who were shut out by their friend’s family, either while the friend was dying or afterwards (not notified of the death or banned from funeral).
And always, what life changes you made after your friend died.
If you have a story you’d like to share, don’t leave a comment here. Email me at I will email you a survey to complete and follow up for additional information.
Feel free to share this request with anyone you know who may be interested in sharing their story.
Many thanks in advance!

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