Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Service to His Friends

I thought I'd post something else appropriate for the week of Memorial Day.

To hear a touching account of working in Graves Registration during the Vietnam War, click on the link below.

And consider the opportunity to preserve the memory of your friends through StoryCorps.

Friendship StoryCorps

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Sue Roupp said...

All objects we remember are special and have wrapped around them a haze of emotion and memories. I am glad the scarf you chose from your dear friend is with you and daily you can feel her presence in it.

I teach creative writing and a great exercise is to think of an object from your childhood and do a freewrite, as fast as you can - no editing - and see where it goes. For someone as sensitive as yourself, you will go to unexpected places and in that writing will be your lament, carried in your heart, but remembered through the scarf of your loss. In that way your friend is always with you.

Warm regards,

Sue Roupp
Past President/OCWW